Sunday, January 4, 2015

Navin R Johnson

I have finally become a genuine citizen. I have a lease in my name, the power bill will be in my name, Comcast, all of it. If I get a phone line I could even get my name in the phone book. 

Things are going to start happening to me now...

Yesterday, Rachel and I went to Target to buy some things that I will need: a Mr. Coffee, a Sunbeam toaster, a Crock Pot slow cooker, a friendly "Welcome" doormat. 

Hundreds and hundreds of dollars converted into plastic objects and empty boxes.

My credit will start to improve any moment now. I'm certain of it. It probably spiked yesterday afternoon. My car was completely filled with stuff. George Bush would have been very proud of my patriotism. The terrorists have lost. Disney World still stands.

It was the first time that Rachel and I had been alone together in quite some time. Just us. It was nice, pushing an ever-expanding cart around the store, picking products out that either myself or Rhys will need. Caring for one another in tangential ways, showing consideration and even love for the life of the other. She looked very cute, Rachel. I had an intense desire to touch her, to paw on and pet her. Something about the domesticity of the day prompted me. We know what happens to people who engage in that sort of behavior in a public place, though. They end up on the internet.

Something dormant felt possible once again; memories acting as a powerful agent upon the heart. One must be careful of such feelings, though, they can lead back to love. 

I wouldn't expect you, dear readers, to endure such a thing.

We're celebrating Rhys' 3rd birthday today. He is already up and dressed and walking around the house, excitedly awaiting his friends' arrival. He is thrilled about the day. I am teaching him how to use noisemakers and the proper way to manage multiple balloons at one time, keeping them all afloat through a circus-like effort.

Daddy, I turn three today. 

Showing me on his little hand his number of years in miniature, extended digits. Announcing his new numerical self to the world, having successfully transitioned now from toddler to pre-schooler.

One, two, three.