Tuesday, January 6, 2015

High Speed Interwebs

(the b-day boys)

The Comcast guy arrived yesterday, mid-day, somewhere within the agreed upon half-day time slot that I was granted. He was a nice enough fellow and we chatted about wireless router range, local node traffic, encryption, packets, etc.

When it was all done I checked the speeds that I was getting, wirelessly: 75 mbps down and 15 mbps up. I am happy. Those type speeds allow me to do most all of what I need. There is an ethernet connection, also. I haven't checked the speeds with that though they should not be much different, if at all. That was the only area where he and I disagreed, though I said nothing. It's Wireless N, so there shouldn't be any package disparity between using wifi and ethernet; perhaps only if transferring between devices within my LAN. 

Anyway, I'll check just to make sure. Wireless N taps out at 150 mbps, so it shouldn't show any difference.

I heaved many boxes of records off into the closets as I awaited for Comcast to arrive yesterday. There are still many books that must be unboxed and arranged.

My living room needs a rug. A large rectangular one. I ran the dishwasher yesterday to clean the dust off of some dishes that have been stored for some time now. I made coffee this morning with my Mr. Coffee in preparation to go to work in the city.

I sit here typing and I don't want to leave.

What I can't figure out about coffee makers is why they all lie by a factor of two. If you want two cups of coffee then you must make four. It says that it makes twelve cups, but the reality of it is always six. It is perplexing. I wonder if the same is true in Europe. I'm not drinking "American sized cups" of coffee, I do not believe, though neither am I drinking them in the expresso style. 

It's a domestic mystery.

If I could just keep working this way for the next six months then I should be ready to retire and buy my dream home. 

It will requite some sacrifices, of course. I am looking at all of the things that I'd like to do, just in the next few months; there is a trip to Florida for a birthday, a trip to NYC for Greek Easter and a baptism, a trip to Mexico for a wedding, hiking toward the hills of the Canadian border, a rock concert in the hills.... Who knows. 

I miss dj'ing, sometimes. Though never when I'm sleeping. 

In all of my dreams I am flying.

I happen to be flying through the fiery pits of hell, but still... the sensation of weightlessness is always nice.

.... I am at work now and must work, work, work if I am ever to retire by the end of the year. It is my dream and in it I am aloft.