Friday, June 27, 2014

The knot that holds the dam

(Josef and Jakob Hoflehner)

"Switch on your electric light, then we can get down to what is really wrong..."

My life feels like a knotted rope lately, one that has hardened and become entangled, beyond saving, beyond use.

Last night's post was written hastily and carelessly. It got an unusual number of page views. I was surprised when I saw the daily report this morning. I suppose there is always something that people will like about suffering and confusion.

Perhaps "like" is not the right word.

I am having a fairly awful time in life right now. The dams that held the waters apart have burst, everything is suddenly driving me crazy. I am not breathing. It is showing in everything that I do. Things that seemed easy have become impossible. There is a sudden sense of irreversible collapse. The knotted rope is sinking, but still attached.

Of course it will all pass. It always has.