Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sketches of Dust

Well, my day has already gained far too much momentum for me to write sensibly. 

I have been having an interesting (to me) exchange with my previous landlord/roommate.

Perhaps some day I'll relay the interaction, it has its comical moments. 

Or, maybe I can extract some from it.

I am too often surprised at people's expectations. I shouldn't be, I know. Somewhere along the way this woman started to depend on me, and once she did then her expectations of the dependence began to slowly increase and increase, until the point where my leaving has become an affront to her. There is no way to adequately pay the debt that I seem to owe to her and she is incapable of defining it in any other terms other than there being dust on the baseboards behind the bed... 

I lived in this room for one month, etc. 

Ah well... I should not start a story to which I am not willing to commit.

She must feel that way, also.