Sunday, June 29, 2014

A wanting

(Josef and Jakob Hoflehner)

Going to the beach today. I had plans to write a post about the inaccessibility of life, how certain people will yearn for something even as they are experiencing it; like sex, or water, or autumn.

Drinking the water does not satisfy the desire, nor does swimming in it. One can stand on the beach and wish, and wonder, and then again. 

I long for autumn even when it is all around me.

As for sex... an orgasm will often fill me with want; there is always some sound in the distance, an image, a breathing that comes from the memory of a shape, a movement. It is a shadow which attaches itself to many articles.

I read recently that the longest lasting relationships depend heavily on kindness and generosity, to the surprise of no one.

There seems to always be a slight disconnect in life, for some. They can never be quite satiated, yet they are filled with the recurring desire to be so. To discover a nameless thing, and to not name it.

There is a yearning to find out what is on the other side of it all, knowing that nothing is ever what it is, or can be. 

Life is an unanswerable mystery, with no adequate way to stop the questioning, either. It is tiring and rejuvenating, all at once. 

Others suggest, perhaps out of love, concern, or fear: 

Have you tried not feeling that way?