Saturday, June 21, 2014

I might have slept better

The cat doesn't know me well enough to sleep with me yet. He is a prowler, anyway. 

Mild misery, endured alone. It is the way.

I just took my virus filled body up to a notorious local restaurant, sat at the bar and had a NY Strip steak, 3 eggs over easy and a plateful of potatoes, dry wheat toast and four large glasses of ice water. By this time next year my doctor will want to put a cholesterol-triggered shock collar on me, and I'll probably let him.

Oh, mild misery.

Now, I sit alone in my room listening to country music, waiting for another moment to appear before me, a day that might deliver some newness of life. 

Oh, consecutive time.

Soon, I will take a dose of NyQuil and hope for the best. It is truly a wonder drug, for me. Different compounds affect people differently. 

Well, whatever they have done with NyQuil.... I sleep. 

The body must rest. 

In the darkness emotion turns to ghost.