Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mr. Slinky

I was told that my previous post was unacceptable as it was not personal grist from the maelstrom that is my life. 

So, here goes....

I have decided that I am a man trapped in a man's body.

This mortal coil seems coiled a little too tightly. Occasionally when I am sleeping I can feel the spring becoming unsprung. I awake and my lower body has slinkied on the the floor.

I have no choice but to follow, once the friction that holds me to the bed is overtaken by the weight of the portion of my slinkiness that has already slid to the floor.

The sound is that of an increased musical metallic cadence. 

Working with the aid of gravity and my own momentum this helical pre-compression sometimes allows me to "walk" down entire flights of stairs. The primary phenomenon of my character has to do with equilibrium and simple harmonic motion.

I can stretch to astonishing and unexpected lengths, though it is likely that one day I will become accidentally crimped at the hand of an exuberantly playful child; still recognizable, though never to regain the springiness of my former just out-of-the-box days.