Monday, February 10, 2014

The Love Song

Commuting is worse than working. I have done an informal study of the two and this is my conclusion. The reasons should be obvious. My report has been submitted for publication and review. 

- Will advise.

If I sleep well then I have less time to myself. I feel rested but somehow less complete. I could give up showering to try to recover some of the time, but everywhere there is a cost involved and relationships to consider.

I know people who commute almost as much as I, and do so daily. They don't complain much about it, so why me?

Why was I born with such a gift?


And that's the misery of it. I just drove in to work, and now I must work. My life is not mine. It is given over to a morning and evening highway. Time that would otherwise be with me: gone forever.

I buy myself things that I tell myself that I want, but then lack the time to use them. It is only a semblance of self-possession, a mirage at best.

I pay my bills and tell myself things about that, too.

It is The Love Song of Alfred E Neuman…