Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nikon 135mm f2.0 DC

It already feels over. I'm not sure of the cause but the weekends have shortened by as much as perhaps an entire day. I'm certain of it. I'm going to set a stopwatch next time, to verify.

Won't all of you feel stupid when I have proven myself right, yet again? I am getting quite good at it, like Edward Snowden.

It is the effect of social media on the defensive mind. I have seen it myself.

If you can handle a disturbing glance into the effects addiction then this is an article for you. Brace yourself for that, dear tender hearts.

So, I got my new lens yesterday. It is used, but it's a beaut. It is not a lens for everyday use, perhaps, but its specific application is what I desired. It is a fantastic portrait lens.

The pictures above and below were just quick snapshots. Rachel will admonish me for publishing them. In one she looks strung-out in a fun 70's rock-and-roll way, the other she has curlers in her hair... But the point was to show the wonderful bokeh patterning (below) and shallow depth of field (above, only the hair on the left side of her face is in focus). 

Notice the reflection in the mirror. That looks so good it's practically Catholic!