Thursday, February 20, 2014

"I'm trying to be honest"

(Daddy and the Boy)

Damn it.... I just wrote an entire post and then scrapped it. It wasn't even a first draft. I had been too candid in it, I guess; a thing that writing sometimes helps me avoid. Nobody desires the associated unpleasantness. It is burdensome, unwieldy. 

Honesty is an attempt at honesty, inelegant and immodest.

Also, I would have had people calling me all day long.

There are some subjects which scare the hell out of people. A talk-show-impulse inside of them snaps and they go into... Something must be done!

Be wary of anyone that demands honesty, and religiously avoid those who claim it. 

Gravitate towards people that don't try.

(The Boy, and Daddy's reflection)