Sunday, February 16, 2014


"Partied" was first used as a verb by e.e. cummings in 1922.

That's what I've learned already this morning. I want to read that book, the one linked in the previous sentence. I wish there was a way to buy a used paperback when a book has just been released in hardback. or, to put it on your amazon list so that when it appears you would be notified, charged, sent the thing, whatever.

There probably is.

Holy Fucking Mothra!!!

I was just sitting here and the boeing-fly seen above landed on my computer screen. Well, that's a lie. I heard it approaching first.  When a fly is large enough that you can hear each individual swoop of its four separate wings, well, it's time to run for cover, brothers and sisters. I swiped at it with a magazine. It turned and taunted me like a blue jay. It perched on my bookshelf and cackled out to me. I swear this thing was pecking as it did passes of my head, tormenting me. 

That, friends, is what living in an agricultural valley is like.

I have to take a shower soon. I'm certain that fucker was planting maggots in my scalp. This thing was an Egyptian-plague level diptera, fourth level desert biblical powers, all of it. It's probably trying to find a locust to fuck.

Fukushima Fly, come over from across the Pacific. NORAD has been tracking it.

Emily Dickinson wrote about this exact same evil fucker, I believe. The lifespan on it must be tremendous.

Judge for yourselves. I would shit my pants in fear, but then I would have no chance against it.

He seems to have given up, now that it's planted its larvae offspring on my anatomy. I felt the thing land. It was a bodily burden.

It's a larva party.