Monday, October 1, 2012

Toys in the Attic

Very little to report today. More guests in over the weekend. Guests coming in next weekend as well. The house is busy and full. Pleasant times, lots of cooking on the grille, the continued drinking of wines and beers.  

I wait to hear about the job. No amount of looking at my phone seems to make a call appear. I am already planning on how to spend some of the money. Rachel has caught me eyeing camera reviews (here , here , and here). Though I know there are other things we must take care of first. Everything is expensive. 

Sometimes saving money is the biggest expense of all. But I'm told that it must be done. I am a naif with such things. It just seems that the money that is being put away is precisely the money that could be buying a camera. It's like watching all of your toys being boxed up on Christmas morning and put away in the attic, to help prepare for "tougher times." It makes no sense.

Still, the mind starts to imagine, to want. The future seems different: a place where more things are possible. Who knows, maybe one day we will have an attic filled with boxed up Christmas's just waiting to happen...