Monday, October 29, 2012

... nodding in mutual joy

I wish to write more. Hopefully, some time in the near or distant future, where most wishes go. If not all.

I got the job that I wanted. Did I already say that here...? I think I must have. I should have. 

My life is remiss. 

Time is elastic, particularly in the evenings, ever stretching. 

This morning I was awake at 5am, possibly sooner. Hours mean more when interrupted one way, then again more when stretched thin the other. It is a headache made of silly-putty.

At any point early, always late; into this madding world I rush tired. 

An employee's first day is usually exciting and boring. Mine was both. 

The company feels good, friendly. It is a nice open, airy space. All of the people smile at me as I walk around to meet each of them for the second or third time, struggling to remember their names, or name, or the first letter of their name as they enthusiastically help me remember, nodding in our mutual and newfound joy.