Thursday, October 11, 2012

"I just learned this word..."

Flexiril makes me feel strange, not always in a good way. I've been getting crushing headaches for two weeks, usually in the afternoon of each day. When I say "crushing," I truly mean it. It is as if there is a vice grip on the back of my head. I can hardly keep my eyes open. If I try to suddenly stand up after being reclined or seated then the pain is trebled. Movement will not only make the pain grow, but also roam. It is like an army of marching misery. It moves forward into my eye sockets and pulses its misfortune there for a while, causing me to squint and stagger. I walk without purpose, as if I have been wandering the halls of a hospital for decades. 

Oddly, four Advil will usually keep it manageable, the pain. Highly effective, that stuff. Who would have guessed?

I've gone through all the things that it might be: caffeine withdrawal, stress, improper sleep, pinched nerve, too much wine/beer, reading from the computer screen too much, wearing my glasses when looking at things that are too close, using too many pillows, furious masturbatory practices (actually recommended for migraines, though this does not appear to be that - no amount of change in frequency seems to affect it),  stress... have I already said that?

Flexiril is a muscle relaxer. I have only ever taken half of one before, usually the smaller half of the pill when I split it. Then, as needed, I will often split the larger half in two also, generating 1/4's or smaller. It is, to me, a very strong drug, with a lengthy half-life. It is not one that I could easily envision having many recreational purposes. Though it is my understanding that it was something like it that killed Jimi Hendrix. If it can take down a 27 year old, then one can only imagine what it can do to a man almost three times that age, when one considers adult life starting at 18, etc...

I saw something recently. It was advice on what grammatical devices (or mistakes) to avoid. I was guilty of most of them, of course. I write as if for a comic strip, apparently. Since this list discouraged the use of "etc." I have decided to use etc. with the accompanying ellipsis, to help further emphasize the "and so on" nature of my point, etc...