Sunday, October 7, 2012

In its defense....

(2004 Pegau)

Old friends are in town. I mean, really old... I've known each of them for 30-35 years; Mike and Charles, respectively. 

Last night we went to dinner and they were reminding me of various episodes from our shared past. My memory is fading. My friend, Charles, says that it is perhaps from cholesterol. He is a radiologist and he filled my head with horrors, or at least told me of the horrors that have already found their way there, the enzyme cascade that allows cholesterol to be produced, resulting in excess plaque accumulation, a blocking of the capillary end vessels. He relayed to us stories of MRI images of the mind, explaining that the damage that is done is visibly recognizable. He said that this same effect results in a weakening of the functionality of the penis. It is why Viagra is both useful and popular. 

There are drugs that can help reduce cholesterol. I need to have blood-work done again. I am afraid of to. He says that diet and exercise can help.  I work-out but I have the culinary discipline of Caligula. This stuff scares me. I don't want to change my habits. My memories though, many of them, seem to be fading fast. Of the stories that my friends were relaying to me many of them were very vague, barely something that even qualifies as a memory. 

Alcohol. They say that it does not help with the retention of memories. But, in its defense, it does occasionally facilitate the creation of new ones. 

Temporary, as they may be.