Friday, March 11, 2011

Points on the Board

(pic taken in Soho shop window)

"Sleep comes like a drug in God's country" - U2

Finally.  I slept last night, cradled in the arms of the gods.  It was a Nyquil induced sleep, but it worked.  I feel dopey this morning, so much so in fact that I'm listening to Joni Mitchell. A far cry from the old Captain and Tennille that I was listening to yesterday.... Love will sleep us together...

So, on we march until we have taken the capital.  Next stop: Moscow

Yesterday an older post overtook a newer one as the most viewed post on this site.  I have told all of you that I shouldn't look at these things, but I secretly do.  It will bring me no good, I know this.  But it makes me wonder.  How does the internet work, and when will I get sued.

I was in Manchester on 9/11. One day I will tell the story in full and set the record straight, for posterity and to dispel any lingering conspiracy rumors.  I was speaking with my wife about it this morning. We were there together in Manchester at the time.  I was stranded there for about 10 days afterwards, thankfully.  Brutish Airways lost my passport when I did finally try to travel home.  They are perhaps in league with the DMV in NYC....

Look at that, I found a way to mention the top 3 most visited posts all in today's post.

I really should stop looking at the Stats page.