Thursday, February 17, 2011

Package Inspection

I woke up late, so my screed about a shop-owner's right to inspect all packages will have to wait, for now.  I need to gather more information and experience.  I'm going to offer to let them inspect my package first, sensibly.  Test the reverse limitations of their proclamation, etc.

Where has this blog taken itself?  It has lost its way. It drifts against the topic, wandering from the facile to the disingenuous, then to the un-authoritative. Though the opinions themselves would never concede any such lack of authority, they are merely delusional auto-suggestions.

I've lost sight of the pursuit of naked beauty.  I have become caustic. At what price, Oh Lord...?... at what price...

Whiskey makes me apocalyptic. Though I haven't been drinking any. I feel as if I have been drinking gallons of the really cheap stuff.

I have never possessed much consistency in thought. I have rather been plagued with an unwieldy and repetitive abundance of it.  It can be self-convincing, something to always be on guard against. I never tire of hearing my inner voice persuade itself of yet another preposterous private theorem, or what it believes to be so.  A sort of cognitive consonance that would frighten those more astute and self-aware than I...

I leave you with an image of yesterday, when all my troubles seemed to sway: