Saturday, February 26, 2011

My time keeps on slipping

I awoke from another dream, another place, another time.  Winter is coming to a close soon.  It is getting warmer and raining, though not always in unison.  I awoke much earlier than I had hoped to, still wishing myself backwards into the night, I only desired more sleep and the dreams to allow that time were ever renewable there in the dark mindlit glow, that I held vast sums of it, fortunes in hours, a mint of minutes... that legions of camels transported my time in all directions across the deserts of the world, safely overseeing the transference to pastoral nomads, who then whisk my time away stealthily to yet other places, mountain hideouts, high plain plateaus, where my transitory gems are increased nightly through the returning generosity of the stars... or, alternately, my vast sums are multiplied through shrewd trade, plunder and pillage.  Genghis Time, I am.

The other day I texted my wife that, "The birds are back..!!!"  She responded, "What birds?"

Today we will make a plan and go do some thing, or things.  It is my only day off, though I have had more days off than usual lately.  I have not felt well enough to go into work some days.  I want to learn how to better use my camera, but it takes time and discipline, something that I might not possess in the way my newly warmongering morning moments had envisioned.

I hear her waking up in the other room now, talking to the dog, praising his steadfastness in sleepful guardianship. He is the sentinel of the end of our bed, ever on watch of our dozing kingdom, responsible for overseeing my vast hordes of eras, he rides them across oceans of galaxies each night, returning them safely each morning with a yawn, eternally in service to His Royal Rolex....