Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I've decided to dedicate the remaining days of this blog to purely erotic writings and images.  What the world needs is more of the male sexual vision.  I tire so quickly and easily of the female governed world of sexiness.  It's time that we corrected this disturbing trend of enforced vagina vision.  We must tear down all of the yonic-dominated images, close all of the nation's tunnels along the interstate highway system, all public gardens, bring beavers to extinction.... Death to the silk purse!!!!

Ok, I just woke up and the image above was on my desktop, the image below is from a Soho shop window, circa Christmas 2010...  I haven't had my coffee yet, etc.  For those of my friends who read this blog only to keep up with my life, Rachel and I had a very sweet Valentine's Day yesterday, don't let my ramblings mislead you.

But since we're discussing feminism, I heard a joke the other day... No, I merely jest, there's nothing funny about feminism. 

Again, a harmless joke.  

I have always felt that women got a raw deal, in some ways, in the last few decades.  The struggle for independence can be a slippery slope in capitalism.  The rise of feminine equality and its attending concepts coincided imperfectly with a drop in value of the dollar, so that now most couples' income is actually less powerful than a single-earner was in post-war America. The feminist movement was quickly converted into labor-value rather than actual equality as they might have envisioned it.  So, it is even more difficult now for a single mother than it was before. All individuals enjoy a lower standard of living, though there has been a flattening of income differences between men and women, which is accordingly encouraging.  

If only the value of the dollar would have remained where it was, then.

I read in the February issue of Harper's that the median income of women who are single, in their twenties, and live in a city is $2000 higher than that of men.  Harper's also stated that the chance of an unmarried American, under 30 to agree that "marriage is obsolete" is 1 in 2.  Chances that he or she wants to get married 19 out of 20.

What does all of this tell us?  Vaginas have ruined advertising. Watch Mad Men, it will show you all that you need to know about the devastating and insidious effects of the vaginal power interchange. The emerging dominance of the receiver and the fading glory of the transmitter.  In the risible world of the internet anybody can transmit, the shift of power is truly and uniquely in what you choose to receive. But the internet is still an imbecilic and untested place.... though, it is where I met my doppelg√§nger....

... my ghostly counterpart ...

Jesus Christo, this post has come free from itself.  This is what happens when I don't pick a subject before I start writing, when I just sit down to espouse my soon to be drunken scrawlings.

The U.S. Border Patrol can legally perform warrantless searches on anybody within 100 miles of land and maritime borders.  The percentage of Americans that live within that area is 2/3rds.  Though In New York they no longer need a warrant to search anybody, but they do request that you have black skin. 

Also, from Harper's monthly.  Not the last sentence, just the facts....