Thursday, September 1, 2016

Go Gators! (clickbait)

Nothing seems to make sense any more. I can't get away far enough, or for long enough, to gain fresh perspective. I should have gone to Burning Man, a fact that I am reminded of on a nearly daily basis now. Everyone has departed, or will soon. One video was sent of a friend dj'ing, who happened to be playing an old track of mine. Though, perhaps Burning Man is not the answer to my impulses. I should spend some time by myself. CS tells me to just go for a walk, and that is probably the best advice there is. Cycling is making my mind race. Only a few short weeks ago it was the magic action that was pacifying me, now I am more wound up after a ride than I was before. I must find new mountains to climb.

Buying stuff on Amazon hasn't made me any happier, either. I don't need anything. I merely want things, and usually only after chasing them across browser tabs for a few hours. Anyone with an interest in photography never runs out of desire for more lenses and camera bodies. It is the way of that art.

It is the way of much art. There are new mechanisms required for expression. Currently, I'd like to express the upper limitations of my credit limits...

Well, I have a weekend with the boy. There is a rooftop bbq in the city on Saturday. It is hosted by an alumni from U.F.  It's a Gators' party. Perhaps we will go see the city from there for a bit, eating cheeseburgers, and cheering for our team from the other side of the same nation that made cheeseburgers great.