Saturday, September 10, 2016

"I've got a bike. You can ride it if you like."

A blank weekend is closing down in front of me as I write this. 

I am on-call, having accepted a new position at work, so I have a limited range of activities that I can enjoy, or even attempt. I have to always be within a few minutes of my computer and a wifi signal. They gave me a personal mifi, so I really shouldn't be too concerned, but I've found myself sitting in front of my computer and working anyway. Hopefully that will pass, once the newness wears off. 

It is an odd situation to be in, to not really be able to ride my bike with any sense of freedom. Or, having to ride with a backpack with my work computer and the mifi in it, ready to pull over and get to work on the side of the road, hopefully in the shade, sweating all over everything, hoping that the salty fluid doesn't make its way onto the logic board of the unit through the keyboard. One drop being all it takes to render me meaningless in that capacity.  

Aren't the details of my new role simply fascinating to read about?

There is nothing new to report on. I will lounge around the house today, maybe pick a nice spot to get some lunch, go for a late ride once the final hour of my responsibility has passed. It has been days since I have done any riding, or exercise of any kind. I was stricken with some sort of pulled muscle or pinched nerve. It's difficult to say which. It happened deep inside the mystery of my shoulder. 

I have eaten all of the pain killers I had, which I'd been saving for the holidays. There were lots of different colors, like little Easter eggs that have a very chemical taste when chewed. Now, I will be forced to restock. How else is one expected to endure the upcoming annual season of gratitude and glee. The nights drifting away, one after the other. The morning should bring some choreographed expectation of me. 

Pain is intense at night, like love - when it is working, and when it is gone.