Thursday, September 29, 2016


(Witches' Sabbath, Goya)

Oh yeah, I received a promotion at work. I'm an overlord nerd, now. It is very exciting, and much hard work will follow, new tasks, etc. I have worked from home for so long now I can hardly imagine doing otherwise. I fear that I have spoiled myself through absence from the office. But difficulties faced alone grow in inverse proportion to the proximity of others. Troubleshooting is aided by fresh eyes. I am surrounded by very bright people at the office. At home, there is only me.

Nothing will really change. I'll be tasked with more difficult problems, ones which can not be passed off to a team above me. There will only be two types of issues now, ones that I must solve or else documenting the issue with precision for it to be sent to the Dev team for possible code correction. 

Onwards and upwards.

I never write about work here, for obvious reasons. I adopt the voice of chaos too often. I push buttons to see if what sort of mayhem can be derived from the unhindered use of fancy and whim. My whim seems to have a problem of sorts. So, no more work talk. That way lay the demons.

I go now to the airport, SFO. A friend is arriving from London. She and I will endure the tremendous traffic from there to Sonoma. Perhaps we will stop and get a drink to let the traffic ease up a bit. We'll have to see. There is never enough room in the universe, when viewed from a car stuck in traffic. It damages the spirit of man, the daily industry of commuters and commuting.