Wednesday, September 21, 2016


(Proof of Jesus)

It can be the simplest things, and often is. Living a life that invites reflection and leisure time spent indulging one's own interests. Riding the bike has done tremendous things for me, though evidence does not always make its way to the surface of my behavior and thought, or here.

Today, as I was riding, I tried not to spend too much time wrapped inside my own head. I took note of the the skies, the migratory birds above, the sounds, the clouds, the fields and hills, and of course the contours of road. It is easy to sometimes take for granted how beautiful California can be if you let it, and take the time to go where the other people do not. 

It's so simple, easy at times; the place is golden. 

There was enough wind climbing up the mountain that it was impossible not to notice, to fight through it, to have it cool me. To have it promise and fulfill all of the standard seasonal tropes. Then, to have the same wind at my back as I coasted back down, promising nothing at all. 

Everywhere I saw something else, something worth noticing or pursuing. I wished only to spend the day peddling and gliding along, as if anew.