Sunday, September 25, 2016

Make America Great Against

My new Ethiopian coffee is brewing as I begin this. Sightglass from SF, a remembered recommendation from my buddy in Washington. It's a Sunday, so I will depart from routine and taste exotic things. Beyond the coffee, I'm not sure what else I can try that might qualify. Maybe a crumpet. Does England still qualify as being exotic? I mean, after Brexit are we able to just refer to them as foreign now? The term exotic seems too praising, to discover that they are enduring their own educational crisis. 

What next? Maybe France will start limiting religious freedoms. Liberties, as they were once known. "Religious freedoms" is an odd term to describe the wearing of the burka, or the burkini. I mean, it qualifies, but almost in that sense that you can't defeat religion with reason. It's institutionalized misogynistic nonsense protected under the banner of freedom that men insist is the way their god would want it. Does want it. If you want a population to grow then hide your women underneath burlap. It's a guaranteed aphrodisiac, just look at the numbers. How many rapings does it take to restore a village's honor? 

As for criticizing or supporting religious freedoms, I would not even advise trying. If Facebook can't solve your problems easily enough then you are living deeply within the enigma of opinion. 

The reality of a Trump presidency is beginning to emerge. The shape that it might take, which is hourglass. The left would have to try to stonewall him from a legislative angle for four years, the courts would have to try to stop him judicially, and one is left to wonder what the media might then be able to do. I suppose they could sit on their hands and act as if they were not the cause of all of this. They have created a cartoon monster and now they're looking around for superheroes to protect Gotham. As if.

If he isn't beaten then America will get the president it deserves, and the supreme court that it's been praying for. You wanted democracy, you got it. It's quite a relief that Gary Johnson is proving that there is no such thing as a 3rd party. His interviews are becoming increasingly informative concerning his abilities. I do not mean his not knowing what Aleppo is, that has (or should have) no bearing on a general election for the presidency. It's his inability to maintain his own sensibilities. Did I see him speaking through his tongue at an interviewer?

What the fuck. We live in lucky times. 

As for the Aleppo "slip"... The New York Times didn't seem to know what Aleppo was either. They first referred to it as the "de facto capital of the Islamic State" then as a "stronghold of the Islamic State" then as "the war-torn Syrian city" and then finally printed a correction in which they identified Raqqa as the capital of the Islamic State and went on to misidentify Aleppo as the "capital of Syria," presumably forgetting all about Damascus, or having never known.  

They need the internet over there at the NYT. Have they never seen Lawrence of Arabia? Shameful. It's no wonder that Trump has ascended to the great but terrible height of the republican nomination. When The New York Times fact checking department can't be bothered to critique their own critiques of candidates with what might be considered "facts," and when their corrections are as abysmal as their initial mistakes... Who knows. Or, maybe their fact teams have their hands full with Trump. 

It is not all the news that's fit to print. It's the liberals being too aggressive in their deep-rooted need to denounce. The voice of democracy needs a much better team than that. They are all cool cats, you see, rolling around together, high on factnip. 

There is a sense of exhaustion among everybody that I talk with. Some women seem to support Hillary, others look ashamed to admit it. I would be. I was going to vote 3rd party just to try to show support for anything else, but I have a child and now must vote for Hillary. I accept my doom. 

It' feels like I'm leaving my infant with grandma for the first time. She'll probably be okay, right? What if she coughs when we need her most? I'm waiting for Hillary to let free a fart during one of her coughing fits. What sort of grandma doesn't fart when they cough? It's suspicious. 

If Trump were to be assassinated then "the right" might be tempted to gloat that they're not the only ones in support of gun rights. They really need a new liberal to paint as crazy. If they're lucky maybe they'll get one that just arrives that way. They might need to be reminded by everyone that "guns don't kill people, people kill people..." and that one lone, crazed, demented liberal individual doesn't represent the values of millions of gun-loving, god-toting, devil-fearing, non-immigrant Americans.... 

All of that.

I love the phrase, people kill people. Not persons, but people. Persons kill people. Nobody seems to see the hidden disparity between the intent and the meaning of the statement. 

Ah well, phrases don't kill people. Unless it's Don't Tread on Me, Darky.... If you see something, shoot somebody. Everybody knows that you don't draw your weapon unless your intent is to kill.  

"Great Again" sounds like a Krakenesque monster. The biblical Gratigan

Or, its nemesis: The Gratagainst

The right would still be able to get enough garbage legislation through his desk with the Trump presidential stamp on it that I worry about the past, you know, America's legacy.

I can't tell which part of that sentence makes the least sense. There's very little to find funny in it, and I gave it a try. I wrote gave it a shot at first, but then realized the dark implication. Nobody is advocating assassination over here. This a peaceful site, dedicated mostly to nonsense and the editorial opinions derived from said nonsense. Damascus is still the capital of Syria.

Well, my coffee was first-rate. Really quality stuff, almost as if it was Made Great in America.