Monday, February 6, 2012

Torn and Frayed

(Uda Dennie)

I woke up late and now have little time to write.  I am sick, very sick.  I've had a sinus cold for days but this morning I started coughing up blood.  Everything online says that is a potentially very bad sign and to see a doctor.  I won't, of course, unless it gets worse.  It already seems to be getting better.  I think it was only from a particularly violent coughing fit I had when I woke up.  Something feels torn in my chest, torn and frayed.  

Ok, I have much more to say on this next matter.  But for now I encourage everybody to read this article.  I have always projected a somewhat phantom-self on Facebook as well as here on this Google blog.  The idea that a digital profile is being created on that other self and is potentially being sold, or given away, to possible employers and/or the government has made me reconsider my feelings about the harmlessness of those services.  

More on that later, I promise.