Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The new moon

Life is changing.  We had a friend come out from SF last night to have some dinner.  Some other friends arrive today.  Soon I will be going out to drink wine with them.  It is exhausting.   It's only a matter of time before I'll be going to sleep when the sun goes down.  I'm already not too far off.  If I want to get sleep then I almost have to go when the little boy, Rhys, goes to sleep, sometime around 8-9 pm.  Otherwise 3 or 4 am will come around and there is much less chance for consistent sleep after that.  It keeps me too fatigued to be of much use at anything else.  

I tried to read a book today on the couch. I never even remember opening it.  I laid down and about an hour later I woke up, having no memory of even setting the book down.  Rachel said I was snoring before she even realized that I had laid down.  People tell me that it will get even worse, the lack of sleep.  Teething is terrible, I'm told.  I've been wearing ear plugs, which help a little bit, but I wouldn't call it a  solution, most of all for him.

Ok, perhaps I'll have more to report tomorrow morning, I hope.

The picture above is of the little guy, probably making some noise.