Monday, February 13, 2012

The Lost Snow Moon

(Rafael Schmall)

No time to write today.  I am off to the city, then to work, a 16 hour day.  Another one tomorrow.  I would be happy if my work week were like that though. Two 16 hour days in a row, then one 8 hour day, coming in when I choose, then 4 days off every week.  If I had arranged the 40 hour work week then life would be very different.  But they never even asked my thoughts. In fact, they seem to actively oppose the idea of me expressing any of my opinions, especially as to how they could improve.  I am what is known as a disrupter, an impediment to productivity, a potentially dangerous insubordinate.  

Well, sort of.  I don't think that my unique contributions to team spirit are always acknowledged. 

Ok, no work talk.  It will make none of us happy.  Most of us already know what the experience is like.  I doubt that I'll add anything of value today.

Well, sort of.  I'm working all day, I must be doing something right, be of some value, as much as they seem to suggest otherwise.

Perhaps it's just my attitude. The way that I talk. The things that I say.

That stuff.