Friday, February 17, 2012


No time to write today, no sleep last night.  Not enough of it, anyway.  I am back to work, eager to do tyrannosaurus handstands for the adoring public, and more.  To do his special bidding, Jesus Spock.

I used to laugh at the idea of sleep, dancing in the face of it.  No longer, no more.  Now I bow to it, mumbling incantations, prayers and desperate celestial appeals.    

Even an atheist needs prayer, right?  

Some might say that an atheist needs extra prayer, a few specifically additional lines thrown in with sickness, soldiers and world peace - special invocations for the heathen heart.  Today is not the day to be miserly with your prayers, to scrimp and save them up for another day.  

Wouldn't you feel silly having a headful of unspoken prayers when Dr. Spock returns...