Thursday, November 24, 2011

"When will I see you again..." - Neil Young

I am sitting at home listening to Neil Young's "Harvest" album, then "Harvest Moon," then "Live Rust," then "Unplugged," then "On The Beach," then "Live At Massey Hall, 1971."

I am very content here at home with the preggy-wife, though I promise not to unnecessarily elaborate further.  I had the temerity to do so last year and Selavy made sure that I understood that it is never acceptable to be, or to feign, happinessfulness in his overly assumptive presence, or worse... thankful for the friendship of others.  It is worse than wealth in the starving face of poverty, he claims.  Expressing thankfulness is a cruel effrontery that speaks its own evil and functions as an implied threat, of melancholic aggression, against both him and his blog, against his very words, his artistry in fact.

It was this sentence alone that seemed to send him into an angry-anti-spiral of misplaced age:  "I do feel very, very blessed to have the people around me that I do."

But I am thankful most days for him also, so I'll just leave today at that.  

He is a true friend.  Is it so wrong to say so?

Well, we all wander, and some wonder along... at what to do, or not to do.  That is the current, and the contemporary question.

intertubie or knot, Tubby....


"Gone, gone, the damage done..." - Neil Young

If you are at all interested in the difference in feeling that Slavy and I have then read the following days responses on MY ::: site...

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