Sunday, November 27, 2011

This post is an experiment.

(picking her nose, while pregnant)

I had a conversation with my very, very, very dear friend, Zoie, today.  

I told her I would create an experiment to see if these posts get emailed to her, upon my posting.

She said that she'd love to read my daily ramblings more often but she hardly thinks of it, on her own accord.  

She asked me what an RSS was, and which specific RSS I preferred (NetNewsWire)... though in all honesty I get my international-news-media either from anecdotal European socialist sources or from Echofon links alone (inflated Twitter feeds)... everything else is just Say:AllahVe'... blessed meditorial, and to that I now gently gather my sleep, as petite time tolerates, and as the lurid lexicon of life allows ......

I, blessed, bow.

It sits, this blessing.
it sits, and now

A Latin disease:  Isit blessed,
by whom, and how.

the pope knows best,
then and now.

It means:  ""

... for my NativeAmericanIndians readers,
and hillbillies-alike,
for now seem: