Monday, November 7, 2011

Turducken Delight

A one-day weekend that is now over, back to work I go. 

Thanksgiving is almost upon us.  I'm considering making a turducken this year.  But instead of the traditional layers of fowl meat, slow-cooked and rolled into deliciousness, I was thinking about using an American Eagle, Jackass Penguin, Riverine Rabbit and a Red-Bellied Amazon River Piranha.  I want this year to be really special.  There are so many animals on the endangered species list, I simply don't know which ones to eat first.  It will require some research. 

Where will I find the time?

I've long flirted with the idea of becoming a vegetarian.  Sometimes when I am eating chicken, from the bone, I get repulsed and am unable to finish. I am unable to even look at the poor disgusting beast that died for my pleasure.  Then it will take me hours before I can eat meat again. Usually a bacon cheeseburger with bleu cheese will bring me back into the fold.  It is strange, I am not squeamish at all but an apparently deep recognition of some wordless thing rushes to the surface and my sensibilities turn on me.  Perhaps it is future humans sending messages to my taste buds to help encourage me onwards and upwards. 

I wonder how long it will take before the Occupy movement turns on itself, wrapping up in the warmth of conspiracy theories about itself.  It occurred to me that  many of these people that are dissatisfied with the current situation are also the very ones who seem to be susceptible to the strangest of the conspiracy theories.  Suggesting that Monsanto or Halliburton is somehow behind the thing, and positing even vaguely supportive evidence, would be all that it might take. Not that I have interest in undoing their efforts, at all.  These are merely the type things I daydream about on my day off. 

Ok, back to the diamond mines..... where one day, if I really work hard, for my entire life, I might also arrive in the upper 1%.... Though who knows, by then they might have changed the entrance requirements, once again.