Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Count Of Monte Cristo

We've decided to read an adventure novel this winter. I've never read anything by Dumas before and am only familiar with the children's version of this story and "The Three Musketeers", but I'm looking forward to it. Though the book is about the size of three or four bibles in length. It should take most of the winter to read and is not as heavy as "Crime and Punishment" or "In Search Of Lost Time" (Swann's Way), two books I read last winter.

So, away we go. Aaaaaaaaddddventure.....

Nothing much else to say today. Slept in and spent the morning with Rachel watching comedies in bed. Hot Tub Time Machine.... The time passed at its normal pace. I was the age that the characters supposedly were at that time and the soundtrack reflected the actual music that was being listened to by people then. John Cusack is the least challenging actor imaginable. He never bothers playing a different part in any film he's in, but he somehow gets away with it. He is the actor's version of Aerosmith... trapped-in, before, or-just-after puberty and refusing to tackle issues beyond that turbulent time. At least he didn't turn to the camera and give a speech in this film. I wish there was a youtube video of him getting maced during one of his soliloquies, or pepper-sprayed, either would be acceptable.

Ok, clearly I have nothing to say today. Not so different from John Cusack after all, I suppose. I've run out of pictures to write about and soon I will have to go to work.

I also need a hot tub time machine....