Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Darjeeling Limited

I will write no pithy notes or observations about the film tonight. I am in a foul mood and will not have much to express here of value, or insight, or otherwise. I'm not sure what happened today, what went wrong. As the day advanced my temper seemed to rise with the sun in the sky. By dinner time I could hardly speak. Perhaps it is repressed frustration, some wellspring of exasperation from the sense that soon we will finally be escaping the lockdown. Escaping to what, I have no idea. The world seems less welcoming to me than ever before. I want to travel, alone, but also know that being anywhere else will not change this thing that is collapsing within me.  

Raquel told me that she overheard two separate arguments in the streets of our little neighborhood when she was walking the dogs with the boy tonight. Perhaps a global virus will not serve to make the world a better place. 

Perhaps I chose the wrong photo, and title, and subject for tonight's post.