Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Backyard Camping

The mission has begun. We set the tent up without the rain shield, to enjoy the light from the sun setting through the tops of the trees above us as we set off to sleep. Every time that we have tried to sleep in the back yard the boy has opted out once it became dark, wanted to sleep in his room. It only seems to work when the comfort of his room is not an available option. We'll see. 

I am considering keeping the tent up through the summer and living in the back yard. After setting the tent up I stared up through the branches of the trees above me and felt some hint of solace. 

I will have my computer with me. I will wake up long before him in the cold outdoor morning. I will perhaps finish this post as he sleeps next to me. 

What has made him sleeping in my bed possible lately is due to me putting the largest pillow I have between us, to buffer his tossing and turning. We will see whether that becomes a factor in my sleep tonight. It is funny what love will allow you to endure. Then it wears off. The endurance I mean, not the love. 

The above portion was written last night, before we fell asleep. Remember the part about not using the rain shield. Doing so involved me forgetting about the sprinklers. That was what woke both of us up promptly at 12:45 AM. I leapt to action and put the rain cover in place, but not without some minor chaos and distributed moisture. 

The boy went, almost, right back to sleep. He did speak a few sentences before drifting back off, one of which was: Amanda Huginkis. We had been watching old episodes of The Simpsons and when I explained why Moe the bar owner exclaimed to the bar, I need Amanda Huginkis! as a response to Bart's prank phone call was so funny he really took it to heart. So, right out of the darkness of sleep, with the sprinklers conducting their automated irrigation on our unprotected sleeping apparatus, that was what he had to say. 

I chuckled to myself for a bit, decided that I needed to take a piss, went inside and did so after he fell back asleep. I was tempted to lie down in my bed and return to sleep also, but then pictured him waking up in the backyard by himself and likely panicking. So, instead I ate a Xanax and went back out to the wet tent, across the wet lawn, while the sprinklers were continuing their task, and climbed back into the tent. After about 45 minutes of reading Twitter, I finally fell back asleep and slept until 6am when mom brought me a cup of coffee. 

The boy slept until 8am, happy as Bart Simpson.