Thursday, May 21, 2020

Don't Read At Me

My last post was prophetic. Can't sleep; I knew - tried to doze without assistance. Needs become something worse than needs under the guise of habit or therapy. 

The president suddenly announced that he's taking an experimental, clinically untested, drug to either help him fight the coronavirus he has, help prevent him from getting it, or he invented a self-apparently dangerous lie up on the spot, and America shrugged. We live in odd times. I try not to write about politics. I suppose this barely qualifies except that the subject happens to be the president. The longer that the surreality of this presidency persists the more determined it becomes to prove just how out of reach it must remain to be. Newsfeeds are filled with observations about him or observations about his observers. The perfect president for the time. What will online interactions will be without him? Will this same paradigm of interaction just spill over into the next presidency?

I've been watching Portlandia, and have laughed out loud a couple times at the mildly absurd bits. Twice I was nearly surprised at the sound of it in the near darkness of the room. The pup came in to sniff at me and nuzzle my hand. I rubbed the soft fur of her face and cooed at her a bit before she went back to the other room. Best 15 seconds of the night.