Monday, May 25, 2020

An escape from things

We went to a neighbor's house to go swimming yesterday. I tried to take some pics of the kids jumping in the water and swimming but the pool was mostly in the shade of the surrounding trees, which made it more challenging. The camera struggled to find focus with so many bubbles rising in the dark. Ah well, I was not trying very hard, either. Add to that the fact that I was drinking this local beer - Pliny the Elder - which has a relatively high level of alcohol. I was lucky to emerge from the pool using my own resources. They say that ventilators are in short supply in the region and nobody is supposed to administer CPR any more. 

Today will be another day in which I try to drink red wine in peace and mom will drink champagne, but will mention how she really needs things to change. It won't be directed at me, but it will be said towards me enough, as it already has, that I will be expected to acknowledge her desire for things to change, without at all knowing what she means. For now, as far as I can tell, there's only one thing that I would change. 

The boy and I will sleep in the tent in the backyard tonight. We've talked about it now for the last week or so. The next step is to do it. That's quite fine with me. I look forward to it. He just likes being around me and I feel the same about him. We have a pretty good time together. Sometimes it's just nice to get away from people who don't like things as they are.