Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Underwear Men!

Silliness last night, running around the house, jumping on the bed, from the bed. A night of impromptu play, the best. We both took many pictures. They are sure to arrive here soon in serial form. I had felt under the weather for a couple days. It was needed, to break out a bit and run around, giggles erupting and escaping, as little miracles. It all seems so easy when at play. 

Okay, the coffee kicked in. I didn't go through all of the pics, but I grabbed a couple just for today. Not the best, but they capture the moments well enough, in at least the one way. 

We traded clothes, I fashioned a scarf out of one of his long sleeve shirts, we made capes out of towels, he wore my shirt and pants and shoes. I might not have grabbed my camera at all, except that when I mentioned it the boy responded enthusiastically. He is perhaps beginning to embrace the magic of photography. Still far less interested in capturing moments than myself, of course. The twofold trick of time, the more you have the less you need, the less you know the less you care. So much time to squander, the sense of its departing yet to take hold. 

I am sitting here with him now, discussing the various colors that one might use to color a fire truck. So far there are blues and yellows and greens and pinks and oranges, even a flash of red here and there. A patchwork of crayonful purpose. All the colors of a Christmas tree, then some more.