Sunday, April 24, 2016

To give a kite lift, you run

By chance, we went to the Marin headlands, then the Discovery museum. There was something wrong with mom's car. In the process of them borrowing mine I was convinced to go along for part of the day. We started to hike a trail along the headlands but mom turned out to be afraid of heights, a thing I remembered just after she did, or just after she announced it. 

So, we turned around.

I posted a reversal of the image above online. I doubt that anybody will notice the impossibility of the arrangement of the bridge to the location of the shot. Nobody outside of SF, anyway. I don't post many father-son portraits. I don't have many. I prefer individual portraits to group portraits, but he's my boy. I love him much. Mom wanted to take pictures today, so why not try to take advantage of that to sneak in a family picture. Why not.

With any luck the critics will give up on me.