Thursday, April 28, 2016

Stardust and Rave Lasers

I ordered a small lighting stand, an umbrella swivel, a reflective umbrella, a hot shoe trigger, all of it. When I get back from my sojourn in the desert I will start experimenting with off-camera flash. I'll need to defrost my memory of key lights, fill lights, spots, strobes, all of it.  I'll still be using only a flash or two for now, but I'll start looking for other cheap lights as well. I can, at the very least, start to see where all of my future monies will disappear. It's fun. I have a plan to start getting the boy and his buddy to dress up and act out adventures. I hope to make sets and shoot in a different way - fewer, if any, snapshots, but rather hopefully more fantastical images.

I'll need a tripod for my camera, though I'll try handheld for now. We'll see.

Once I re-familiarize myself with two-point lighting I'll brush up on some stage blocking and alternative composition. I mean, alternative to snapshots. It'll be nice to finally put my degree to some use, twenty years after the fact. I've felt new impulses and urges lately.

I don't even know why I bothered with the cable sync, I should have just gone wireless, though a starter set there is $200. I'm still waiting to sell my first print next week, at cost. A signed, numbered, named print was requested by a reader here, so I am feverishly working to produce. Well, the heavy lifting will be done by Photoworks in SF, but you get the idea.  I'm a get-things-done kinda' guy before this weekend. Let's check back in on progress next Wednesday. You might find me mumbling something about stardust and rave lasers. 

You know... lights, lights, action, action.