Tuesday, April 26, 2016

If you see something, say something

The other day, when I quoted Woodrow Wilson and his addressing of the inherent problems of any historian with adequately assessing the past, I was not referring to the piece pictured above. This is a work that answers some of its own questions, and accusations, while somehow also retaining an inner mystery. 

In art, most questions are best left unanswered.

Today, I make my final plans to re-enter the desert. It is a weekend festival that presumably celebrates drug addicts with jobs and money. That being said, it will finally be nice to be in a place where whom-uses-which bathroom is not as much of an open concern, mainly because port-o-potties are all same sexy. In fact, they have art tents out there in the desert dedicated to people evacuating themselves on one another. I would call it an "installation," but it serves as more of a performance piece. It's titled Mostly Water for Algernon.

Different people show their support for causes in different ways.

Everyone keeps focusing on where people will be peeing, conveniently ignoring the fact that this issue occupies the #1 and #2 spots in the American mind. People are afraid that their sons and daughters will come in contact with human feces in the privacy of a public bathroom. I guess nobody told them what happens in bathrooms. 

We must protect our son's and daughter's pooh. They are after it. They covet the precious waste of our children for their demonic liberal rituals. 

I am still of the dedicated belief that anybody with an erect penis smaller than 6" should be using the women's bathroom. No exceptions. This will result in all the males entering the Men's bathroom with 6"+ erections, which should solve most of our problems.

I am still searching for my agenda-identity, give me time.

Okay, the world isn't going to fix itself, which I think is the real message that we can take from the piece shown above. The world simply is not going to correct itself any further. Enough is enough! 
Sometimes healing requires a quant ceramic curio in which a dog is shown to be happily sniffing a ginger child's dirty or recently misused anus-hole. 

Confusion, even more than suffering, produces spiritual growth.