Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Oh, Mighty Titans

(Abraham Lohan)

Okay, I figured out what happened, and why, though it is all very boring. Apple does have support for RAW files out of the X-Pro1 but not the X-Pro2, yet. So, in my excitement and enthusiasm I neglected to systematically test, and went on what I believed were to be the facts. I was certain that I had verified a few RAW shots out of the new camera.

I was wrong. A thing which resulted in me keeping the new camera. 

My friends at dinner last night were suspicious of it. Abraham, pictured above and below, was particularly specific in his questioning. He wanted to know why this camera did not look as "technical" as my other one. I tried to explain that different cameras do different things, and they make you feel differently when shooting with them. I pointed out that the picture below was an atypical image, for me. None of that mattered. He asked what this camera could do that my other one couldn't. 

How do you respond to a person like that? 

So strange, all those who do not share my obsessions. 

We had a turkey meatloaf for dinner, with asparagus and mashed potatoes. I drank sparkling water in place of my usual wine. I am currently in a duel to the death with the scale at the gym. The cumulative stress started not only affecting my sleeping patterns but also my weight. 

Cortisol, I blame cortisol. I was taking on blubber like the Titanic in North Atlantic waters. The inverted cone of my olympiad shape had shifted to a more pyramidal form, a sort of resting cone shape that had softened or lost its defining corners, no longer used for nautical nor maritime purpose. 

My waistline had become an enormous river that encircled the globe of abdomen. Gaia, rising and falling with the seasons, navigated now by Oceanus, marking her voyage slowly in cubits gained and cubits surrendered, hands and digits won, those same hands and digits lost.

(Mount Moses)