Sunday, April 17, 2016

The one man mutiny

("He's pretty big for a four year old.")

I tried to start weening myself from refined sugars. Instead of making my morning coffee with the crystalline stuff I've started using replacements, like half a stick of butter. It takes forever to melt, and cools the coffee considerably, the dishes are difficult to rinse, but the taste is exquisite. 

Another day ahead of us, perhaps the beach awaits. I was not able to determine if the boy's team won or lost yesterday, then I discovered that winning and losing are concepts that have gone the way of the dodo. I was told that we now celebrate participation.

Sure, I said, but did he participate as a winner or as a loser?

Nobody likes me for very long. Coaches have a special disdain for my skeptical approach to life.

I should have never used the word "replacements" above. I can't think of anything else now. I missed my chance recently to go see them in London with an old friend from the college years.

I've never been sure if Paul Westerberg sings "… and everything is a lie" or "… and liberty is a lie…"

You tell me.

Look me in the eye
Then, tell me I'm satisfied…