Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Time keeps on

An afternoon spent watching the sun move towards the distant hills, sipping a cabernet/merlot blend, seated together comfortably. Then, a drive into the city in which I fatigued the ears of the passenger by singing along with Beatles tracks. Dinner at our friends' place. 

Time is already passing far too quickly. It is the ongoing cruelty. I have no idea what will happen once she has returned home, though I know part of what will happen. Most every moment seems to confirm what we already knew, we are falling together. The sense of urgency is surging and swelling as we both become increasingly comfortable in one another's presence. Distance and separation now will arrive as a form of torture, an injustice that must be corrected with travel. We have acclimated quite comfortably to our sense of mutual physical proximity. Everything fits, as we both greatly suspected that everything would. We were as eager as teenagers to confirm. 

Two weeks occur between when she leaves and Burning Man. So, there is that. Only two weeks.

Then, I will likely return to New York for an extended visit. Afterwards, we do not know. That is the brief update on our flourishing romance.

The universe has changed course, expanding as rapidly as light and in all directions.