Tuesday, August 4, 2015

nauseous vs. nauseated

Everything that can go wrong will. I went from feeling great to banging on death's doorbell in two days. Rachel and the boy came home early from a cabin trip. She had warned me that they were sick, but without saying it I believed she needed some help as she had driven home early. So, I went over and spent some time with the boy. Three year old's have a way of needing love over sickness.

So, this morning I got in the car and headed into the city, not feeling very well at all, thinking that it was nausea from pain medicine and the motion of the car. Nope. I covered myself in vomit, and the inside of the car, and the side of the car, and down in the doorframe. Lots of it.

The choice was simple: clean it up while sick or let the sun bake it in.

I came home still not quite accepting what was happening. 

That's where I stayed. Now, I'm a believer.