Monday, August 10, 2015

De Shauns

My bride arrived and we spent the evening and morning consummating my newly acquired international purchase. For anyone who believes that mail-order brides are "wrong" I'd like to point out that Freedom isn't Free. 

I used PayPal.

No, of course I kid. I used Visa. But my fiancé is here visiting. She's delightfully prepossessing, but also quite shy (see above). We shot about a thousand nudes last night but most are far too explicit to post here, though my new black and white camera captured the loveliest of her contours. The images are both thematic and graphical in content, as well as tone. The image above was taken at the moment when I described to her what I wanted her to do for me. It was a great photographic success but I do not wish to challenge ol' CS in his chosen area of expertise. 

I made the mistake of taking her to a local place last night for dinner, The Swiss Hotel, ignoring what should have been the unposted warning sign of a Sunday night in Sonoma. It was touristy. Nothing offends the sensibilities of a local more than unrecognized visitors. My visitor is a lovely addition to the region. All others are hell.

That is the way of things.

Well, I am still working while she visits. We arranged it this way only so that we could be near one another, no matter the cost in time or all else. Love will not be reasoned with, it offers no coupons and will not match the competitors price. I had to make some sacrifices to allow myself the time away from work to go to Burning Man. 

Our ceremonial nuptials will be held at high noon on the deep playa by a religious sort of fellow that goes by the name of Rex Reptilia, from the Kingdom of Animalia. He has promised to keep the ritual free from too much religiosity, which we have thanked him in advance for. Our vows are sensibly arranged around our zodiacal signs and where they intersect. Uranus rising, etc.

She and I share the same name so we're not sure what we'll call ourselves. Given enough time I am confident that we will think of something that will annoy everyone who hears it, or sees it. I have been considering an unpronounceable symbol like that of Prince, maybe just a finger going in and out of a hand maintaining an oval shape. Symbols are useful. 

Or, maybe keep it simple, we could just call ourselves The Cialis, a one-headed monster of inamorato.