Sunday, August 23, 2015

Love in a bubble

The kid is really figuring things out, and not just who has the bigger pee-pee. Yesterday, we were standing together in the hallway, trying to find him a pair of blue jeans to wear.

Are you sad about Mommy?

What do you mean?

That she's not here?

Sure, a little bit. It makes me sad sometimes.

Because I'm sad about you when you go into the city.

Sure buddy, it makes me a little bit sad. 

So, there it is. The kid's understanding of love outside of that which he feels directly from either of us. His understanding of the love of others is informed by the sadness of that recognition, that of loss. His biggest example will be of failure.

Good job, Mommy and Daddy... Perhaps we're only preparing him to be a writer.

Just now:

Daddy, do you like storms?

Well, that's part of nature buddy, and I like nature.

Do you like lightning storms?

Those are scary, aren't they?

No, those are just the super-heroes.

So, maybe it's me that doesn't quite have things figured out yet.

Seems likely enough.