Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Home again, home again

Though I went to bed early I stayed in bed late this morning, covering my eyes and trying to lie still. Risking erratic dreams just to get a little bit more of that precious sleep. I would go back now if I didn't have to work soon. Strange memories dart and skit about there on the periphery of consciousness. Somebody had printed the bible out on regular office paper and was insisting on its veracity. It was a monstrous pile of papers held together by some mechanical binding. I laughed in the faces of those apparitions, waking myself up again. Why do I dream of such things? I am plagued by the past, memory is half of the raw material needed to build a dream.

I return home today. Rhys has been walking lately. I have yet to see him stand on his own, unassisted by furniture or some sort of help. But he has been launching off from furniture and taking steps, standing, making turns, rounding corners, all of it. It is an exciting time. Yesterday I saw him briefly as Rachel and I spoke on "Facetime."  Technology truly is a marvel. We have been promised those types of communication since I was a child, before that even. Now it is here. That fact itself is somewhat underwhelming after a lifetime of promises but the ability to engage was quite charming. I spoke to him and he seemed to recognize me, his finger reaching out to touch the screen the way he does when I move in to take his picture.