Thursday, December 27, 2012

Born Free

(Hardly Davidson)

Christmas did not stop Rhys from pooping his pants at all. He had a few Christmas miracles here and there. He seemed to like the wrapping paper as much as the presents. Though he has taken a particular shine to the little bike-like device that you see him sitting on top of here, still boxed. It gives him greater mobility around the house. He's not quite walking yet, though he has taken a few steps here and there, but he's getting pretty good at standing.You should see his eyes light up when he's on this little yellow bike though. It's a whole new world now. Destination anywhere.

His first attempt at the bike he just lifted his leg, swung it over, and mounted the thing. Off he went.

Born to ride, ride to live. Helmet laws suck, etc.

Though I've never seen a biker poop his pants so much, and with such natural verve for it.