Thursday, September 1, 2011

b-low profile

I have been riding my bike all around Sonoma.  After 25-30 full pedal strokes I am in a different city.  When I tell you that I live in a small town I mean that Google offered to pay us if we'd simply never mention the name to anybody again.  We don't own property here yet, so they haven't actually offered us any money.  But, they've reached out and telegraphed their intentions, if we have intentions, etc.

Wait. I've been moonlighting on another blog, so my senses are dulled, my wits twisted.

ok, Let's start over, ok?

I ride my bike as far and as wide as the land and my legs will take me.  It feels so good to push my heart around like I'm just another high-school bully, demanding lunch money from people who stupidly live in my feet, I tell my calves they're fat because they come from cows.

Jesus,  that's not what I'm doing at all. That can't be true. I'm not a monster, it's just that monsters have leased the televisions that tell me where to turn, they whisper my directions, they know things I don't want to hear.

Manstra!!!!  Where is all of this negative energy coming from?  It must be Burning Man.

All they're burning, man is my karmic vibes out there.  Some young-ish-neo-hippies are getting ass and getting high, and doing who knows what-else, with what used to be called "my drugs."

It's almost as if they've completely forgotten that I too am very pro-symbolic-human-scarifice-art-festival-desert-history-culture-etc.-event.

Well, I suppose that is the natural way of things.

Passing out on the torch and what-not. 

Ok, I have a great story to tell, but tonight is not the night, clearly.  I am weary and tired, some would say old, or worse.  Some have said even worse than age.  But, fuck 'em, they're getting older too.



I have only the strength of this next crescent moon to guide me... 

never new, never full, never shared, always cold.

The moon is the greatest bullshitter, and fighter.

I want to pray, but in the darkness I'm so afraid that somebody will hear me, find me.

In the light I wouldn't dare, in the sun I shouldn't care.

In your arms let's pretend , let's

let's see, where let's.