Thursday, September 22, 2011

The sleeping equinox

This is how I feel today.  I spent my entire weekend doing nothing, sort of.  I drank several bottles of wine, now I have to return to work.  I wrote a long, confused, rambling poem last night.  Upon morning inspection I am quite pleased with myself that I had not posted it.  Eventually I will, as I am a thrifty blogger and try to make use of everything.  We'll see....

Drinking robs me of energy. Or worse, it gives me the wrong kind of energy, mischievous bursts that get me in some sort of new and unexpected trouble. 

I guess I just feel a little bit useless right now.  I am just standing around waiting... watching my wife grow a new human inside of her.  She keeps assuring me that I can be of great use but it's all boring stuff: moving boxes, assembling things, moving boxes elsewhere, etc.  Not the most exciting activities, I assure you.  

I'd much rather argue with Selavy about the moon, or his continued mis-use of the word "viscous"... He thinks that I am just being a cruel tormenter.  But it was he who challenged me on the occurrence of the Harvest Moon, adding that I was an "astrologer" and a member of the Golden Dawn.  This was not the first time he's challenged me on the moonrise and lost, so now he's decided to denigrate my knowledge.  This belittlement, I suppose, he thinks will result in loving kindness and friendly support.  

Do not let him fool you... he does not like to be wrong about the moon.  Though considering his recent behavior, who knows, I could be quite wrong about that....